After telling someone that I am running from Shelby County Commissioner for District 7, and where the District is, the comment back is often, “that’s not my district”. My response to this point has been, “but you probably know someone who does live in the District”. While that may be true, I recently realized it misses a bigger point.

The crucial issue is the overall make-up of the Commission. If elected, I would be one of 13.  Whatever District someone may live in, not only is it important whom they elect, the other Districts matter too. I encourage all Shelby County residents to learn as much as you can about each candidate. To the extent possible, try and support all of those that you feel would best represent your views.

Supporting and electing a Commission that can help move us forward is at least as important now as it ever has been.  County finances, property taxes,  Shelby County School funding, Code Enforcement, TIFs, PILOTS, and many other issues over the next 4 years will have a major impact on our County for decades to come.

It seems that every day, there is something in the news on one of these important issues. A Commission that can work together is vitally important to the financial stability of our County and the education of our young people. Please take the time to learn more about all the candidates.  Shelby County needs a Commission that will lead us toward the future we want for ourselves and our families.

Stand Up for Memphis.