I have served with Sam for the past 12 years as a fellow Kiwanis Member. Sam’s desire to serve the citizens of Shelby County has been proven and I support his desire to serve our community as county commissioner!

Representative Mark White

Sam has shown, over and over, his commitment to making our community better. He has put his energy, time, and money into efforts that affect each of us in a positive way. Sam has consistently shown his commitment not into words but in deeds and actions that have greatly affected our community and because of this I know that he will stand up and continue to be a voice for us and I am definitely standing up for him.

E. Shelly Rice, Frayser community activist

In a representative body like the county commission, we need advocates who can speak with experience and commitment. Sam Goff has spent his lifetime acquiring expertise in business, particularly financial acumen, and demonstrating care and compassion for his fellow citizens and those in need, especially through Kiwanis and the Jaycees and his military service. He’s shown leadership as the voice in community issues and an ability to collaborate and deliver hands-on service to improve the lives of people across this metro area. He’ll bring strong personal character and values to the political forum.

Sharon Goldsworthy, Former Mayor of Germantown