Not every neighborhood in the Seventh District has the same issues.  In the Historic Districts, we want to know that development will follow guidelines.  Many of us purchased homes within Historic Districts because of the safeguards provided by these guidelines.

It is imperative that Shelby County Code Enforcement and the Office of Planning and Development properly take into account these guidelines on all proposed projects within the Historic Districts.  I promise to continually encourage and monitor both of these departments to consider Historic District Guidelines sacrosanct, not as a starting point for negotiations.

For our other neighborhoods the issues may be similar to varying degrees.  I will want and need your input on issues you feel is important to you and your neighbors. I promise to listen and fight for you.

Not all development proposals are good, nor are they all bad.  I do believe that consistency in applying the UDC And Historic District Guidelines will provide developers with the assurance that good projects will be protected from next door bad development. The Midtown Overlay, which I am proud to have worked on, helped provide Loeb Properties with such assurance in their plans for redeveloping Overton Square.  The Square is a prime example of the benefits of adhering to such standards.  As a result of Overton Square’s success, new high-end development has flooded in to the area and more is on the drawing boards.

We can achieve more when we unite, and are willing to fight for our neighborhoods.  A consistent theme for me will be all our neighborhoods benefit when each neighborhood is supported. Whether it is Frayser or Evergreen, Lea’s Woods or Vecca, Hein Park or The Heights, and every other neighborhood in the 7th District, we are stronger together.

Stand Up for Memphis.