Why am I running to serve as your District Seven, Shelby County Commissioner?  I believe, together, we can do better. 

My goal is to bring fifty-plus years of private sector experience to Shelby County Government. I have been blessed with several employment and career opportunities during my work life. Those experiences have, in my opinion, prepared me to help lead our County toward: 

  • Improved fiscal health
  • Improved educational opportunities and outcomes for our children
  • Finding ways to improve the quality of life for our diverse neighborhoods
  • Appropriate and thoughtful development (pro dev; has to be good for neighborhood and well thought-out)

Many of you know of my involvement in our community.  While I am not a native Memphian, I have lived, worked, played and volunteered here for over 30 years.  My wife and I met here as volunteers for the American Cancer Society. We were blessed over 10 years ago by our, now 15 year old, son accepting and adopting us as his parents.

Memphis is home, and I ask for the opportunity to help make it better for all of us.

That can only be done by finding ways of working together. Even though we live in a diverse community, there is more that should unite us than divide us. We won’t, and can’t, agree on every issue. But we can treat each other with respect as we work toward consensus and best options. 

A “one side wins all” mentality might work in sports, but isn’t healthy in local governing. Shouldn’t our local government lead, not dictate? In my view, it is important for differing perspectives to be heard and considered. How else can each of us feel vested in our community?  I believe the best way forward is by each of us not only feeling vested, but taking an active role.  We must be willing to stand up for our communities, to stand up for Memphis.

In the weeks ahead, please join me in looking at issues and perspectives that effect Memphis.  I hope that you will let me know both when you agree and disagree. Challenge my ideas.  Help me improve them toward the betterment for us all.

Stand up for Memphis!