I am running to serve on the Shelby County Commission because I want to make Memphis a better place for my family and yours. Please vote for me and help me bring about positive changes.

Here are my specific goals:

  • Stronger, sustainable fiscal health
  • Better educational opportunities and outcomes for our children
  • Improved quality of life for our diverse neighborhoods
  • Thoughtful development that’s good for business and for communities

You may be aware of my ongoing involvement in our community.

Just so you know, I intend to bring the benefit of decades of local community service, private sector experience and even military service (U.S. Navy) to bear for the good of district seven and all of Shelby County. Great things happen when people of good will find ways to work together.

In the weeks ahead, please join me here on this site, or in person, as we explore issues and perspectives that matter to Memphis. As I share my vision, I hope you will let me know whether you agree or disagree. And share your own vision. I need your help.

Let’s stand up together for Memphis!